Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Walking down a road,
Was faced with a blazing inferno,
To return I do not know,
Neither a way around to go.

I am not a Sorcerer,
nor a Scholar, 
Only one thing I know best, 
To throw myself into the test. 

In the arms of thousand ray and one sun, 
My legs melted and forward I fell, 
But there were no hands to break the fall, 
So I waited for the fire to pass. 

Many see me on the side of the road, 
And they just see ashes,
Something which is destroyed, 
Something turned to nothing, 

But they don't see that the ashes are part of me, 
Part of me which fought and are still left standing, 
Soft and fragile but I am still standing, 
With sparks of life and fire inside me, 
There is a Phoenix inside me. 

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