Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Drunken Dichotomy

Now I haven't had much love for the glittering drinks. Mostly because I think that most of the alcohol drinks tastes very bad. Once I used to assume that the people who drink too much or like alcohol to much must like it's taste. Though I understood long time ago that the taste is not for which people drink alcohol.

There is a serious dichotomy of views between those who are avid drinkers and those who are not. Since I am somewhere in between I am quite surprised at how people on the non overlapping Venn circles perceive each other. Sometimes the difference in thought is very diverse.

The main point of dichotomy is the Idea behind drinking alcohol. Now what I think happens is that some person drinks alcohol and ends up having a good time with his friends. This over the period of time forms some form of Placebo effect which says that Alcohol means FUN. So some people are not addicted to alcohol they just want to have a good time. Hence I think that addiction to alcohol is not a problem its a symptom.

On the other hand some people end up having really bad experience with alcohol or some don't ever try alcohol for some reason this makes them wonder why the hell some people drink to much of alcohol and they judge this people based on their past experiences.

However this are just my view I am not defending any body nor blaming anyone. Its just the pure introspection of what I see within the scope of my understanding.

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