Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Der Kulturschock Der Tür

Now we all know what Cultural Shock is right. We have all been in that sticky situation when things turn out quite opposite to our assumptions. I had my own experiences of cultural shock.

When I came to Germany I knew what to expect. I knew that I was going to Europe and unlike India I had knowledge that people are more open minded here. So I wasn't shocked to see the difference. The point is maybe one cannot use the word "culture shock" in this kind of scenario where one is seeing different thing for first time but the person has prior knowledge about the situation and so is not totally lost to the situation. 

The one which you have no idea about are the one which really hit you in the face. One of it which I experience every day is with Doors (Die Tür). In India doors have labels on them whether to pull or to push them. Some of the doors you can just figure out by looking where the hinges will turn and all. Also there is a standard all outside doors open outside and all inside door open inside.

Nothing like that in Chemnitz. I remember the first time I tried to open the outside door of Studentenwerk building. I tried to pull the door tried it for a minute or so then thought it was closed and started to turn when a guy walk past me opened the door by pushing it and went inside. My only reaction was like "Emm Excuse me, Can you tell me how to get to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters". 

Also the doors in Germany are too beautiful. They are carved so beautifully and perfectly that one cannot say just by looking at it that whether it will open inside or outside, whether left one or right one. 
Ohh and don't forget the one's which opens electronically with some button.  
So now the only method which I use nowadays is trial and error. Push then pull, Left then Right. 

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