Thursday, March 14, 2013

To plan your own trip or Go with Travel agency ?

This is a series of Travel log from my Journey to Kashmir and Ladakh region. 

We started our trip from Mumbai and went to Leh , Ladakh via Amritsar- Jammu-Srinagar- Kargil and returned via Manali-Delhi route.

So before planning anything for the trip you should ask yourself some questions like what is your budget, what is it that you want to see (ie. Religious or adventurous or breath taking beautiful sites ) , total days for trip.

In this post I will just point out the very first question of whether you should Plan you own trip or not. .

So first question you can ask is do I need to plan my own trip ? or can I just book a trip with travel agency ?
Well it depends on your conditions totally.

  1. If you have a full time job and hardly have time for planning a trip then go with the travel agency.  However I suggest you atleast read this post and some other blogs for some background imformation. 
  2. If you are travelling with family travel agency is a good option. But do read the blogs and get and estimated idea of the cost of trip so that you do not get ripped by travel agencies. 
  3. If you are travelling with friends have time to do some research in your trip do go with your own plan. 
  4. If you are low on budget you should plan your own trip as you can do the same trip that the travel agency provide with 1/10 th of the cost. However do not expect to stay in 5 star hotels and travel in A/C cars in this budget. 
Advantages of planning your trip yourself. 
  • I prefer planning my own trip. One Important reason why is that when you plan things yourself you get to choose what you want to do and leave what you don't want. The travel agency don't know what you like and what not, they just give you the standard package. 
  • Travel agency will only take you to the places which are profitable to them. 
  • When you plan your own travel you get to know things about places, culture. This way you really enjoy your trip and learn a lot about the places when you travel. It's like when in school you understood the lecture better if you have studied beforehand. 
  • And as I mentioned before it is way - way cheaper.  

Advantages of going with Travel Agency 
  • You don't have to bother about anything just pay and relax. 
  • You have someone to blame to if things go wrong. Also if there is some problem they can provide help really fast and are reliable. 

So that will let you decide the very first question of whether you should Plan you own trip or not. 
In the following post I will post the overview of my trip to Kashmir- Ladakh. 

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