Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to talk to a Fanatics : Religious Fanatics

We meet lots of Fanatic people in Life . Just to be clear what i mean by a fanatic is someone who can't be reasoned with.

The worst one i have seen are the religious fanatics : This are the guys who claim to be re-incarceration of one of the many god's out there. They will refuse Science , refuse Evolution but will still use Mobile phone and antibiotics gladly.

I think it is better not to openly oppose these fools because you know you don't want to die ... :)

I have experienced such fanatics when my father was being diagnosed with cancer. Frankly this kind of idiots are a shame to the world. I have seen this people from stopping other people from visiting doctors for their treatment . I don't know what happened to others but only a fool would believe this idiots above highly qualified doctors which are present nowadays.

Anyway the one way to deal with such douchebags which my father taught me is to never loose your sense of Logic and Reasoning. I am not saying that miracle do not happen. Yes they happen , but miracles are made by the hard work of doctors and the invention of groundbreaking Technology not by Hokus Phokus Babas .

I will try to add various more fanatics in others post . Keep following.

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  1. We sale on the same boat :D I hate how religion brain washes people around me, one day they are normal, and the next day you see, they are possessed by the idea of God. The idea of god does no harm, I have no problem if people are agnostic one day, and suddenly start believing in a god. The problem is, when they start following a religion, the problem is when following the religion becomes their prime focus in life.. they forget peace and humanity, which they say is a byproduct of following the religion!