Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Walking down a road,
Was faced with a blazing inferno,
To return I do not know,
Neither a way around to go.

I am not a Sorcerer,
nor a Scholar, 
Only one thing I know best, 
To throw myself into the test. 

In the arms of thousand ray and one sun, 
My legs melted and forward I fell, 
But there were no hands to break the fall, 
So I waited for the fire to pass. 

Many see me on the side of the road, 
And they just see ashes,
Something which is destroyed, 
Something turned to nothing, 

But they don't see that the ashes are part of me, 
Part of me which fought and are still left standing, 
Soft and fragile but I am still standing, 
With sparks of life and fire inside me, 
There is a Phoenix inside me. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Der Kulturschock Der Tür

Now we all know what Cultural Shock is right. We have all been in that sticky situation when things turn out quite opposite to our assumptions. I had my own experiences of cultural shock.

When I came to Germany I knew what to expect. I knew that I was going to Europe and unlike India I had knowledge that people are more open minded here. So I wasn't shocked to see the difference. The point is maybe one cannot use the word "culture shock" in this kind of scenario where one is seeing different thing for first time but the person has prior knowledge about the situation and so is not totally lost to the situation. 

The one which you have no idea about are the one which really hit you in the face. One of it which I experience every day is with Doors (Die Tür). In India doors have labels on them whether to pull or to push them. Some of the doors you can just figure out by looking where the hinges will turn and all. Also there is a standard all outside doors open outside and all inside door open inside.

Nothing like that in Chemnitz. I remember the first time I tried to open the outside door of Studentenwerk building. I tried to pull the door tried it for a minute or so then thought it was closed and started to turn when a guy walk past me opened the door by pushing it and went inside. My only reaction was like "Emm Excuse me, Can you tell me how to get to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters". 

Also the doors in Germany are too beautiful. They are carved so beautifully and perfectly that one cannot say just by looking at it that whether it will open inside or outside, whether left one or right one. 
Ohh and don't forget the one's which opens electronically with some button.  
So now the only method which I use nowadays is trial and error. Push then pull, Left then Right. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Drunken Dichotomy

Now I haven't had much love for the glittering drinks. Mostly because I think that most of the alcohol drinks tastes very bad. Once I used to assume that the people who drink too much or like alcohol to much must like it's taste. Though I understood long time ago that the taste is not for which people drink alcohol.

There is a serious dichotomy of views between those who are avid drinkers and those who are not. Since I am somewhere in between I am quite surprised at how people on the non overlapping Venn circles perceive each other. Sometimes the difference in thought is very diverse.

The main point of dichotomy is the Idea behind drinking alcohol. Now what I think happens is that some person drinks alcohol and ends up having a good time with his friends. This over the period of time forms some form of Placebo effect which says that Alcohol means FUN. So some people are not addicted to alcohol they just want to have a good time. Hence I think that addiction to alcohol is not a problem its a symptom.

On the other hand some people end up having really bad experience with alcohol or some don't ever try alcohol for some reason this makes them wonder why the hell some people drink to much of alcohol and they judge this people based on their past experiences.

However this are just my view I am not defending any body nor blaming anyone. Its just the pure introspection of what I see within the scope of my understanding.

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Breadcrumbs

So it's been a very long time since I have posted anything.  On 28 I went to Dresden with my friends. Dresden is the capital of Saxony Bundesländ (State). It's a very beautiful city even though it suffered a lot of damage in war.

During my visit near the Brühlsche terrasse I saw that a group of sparrows were concentrated in one part of the terrasse. The thing about that part was that there was a couple who was siting there and feeding the sparrow's breadcrumbs. The sparrows would literally fight for the fallen breadcrumbs and the winner will enjoy the prize in a secluded corner although not peacefully on certain occasions. This is quite surprising for me as sparrows in India are very afraid of human. In fact they would fly away even if you try to approach them. However here they were dancing around the tourist's feet hoping to get gift from heavens.

Now I have never underestimated the power of breadcrumbs especially in finding your way in the maze. However the fact that a small habit of a small group of tourist significantly affects the behavior of the entire group of sparrows is just exhilarating from socio-environment perspective. The fact that people complain that the act of one person does not ripples in the society should try feeding his/her local Avis.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Overview of Kashmir - Ladakh Trip

This is a series of Travel log from my Journey to Kashmir and Ladakh region. 

We started our trip from Mumbai and went to Leh , Ladakh via Amritsar- Jammu-Srinagar- Kargil and returned via Manali-Delhi route.

In this post I will just point out the overview of the whole trip which you will require to plan your own. I will indulge into as much detailed explanation as possible in following posts.

So there are just two ways to reach Ladakh.

  • One take the Plane from Delhi or Srinagar. There are also connecting flight available from other Indian metros. 
  • Take the roadway from either Srinagar to Leh via Kargil or Manali to Leh route. Roads are open during the summer time. The roads are closed when snow increases drastically then during summer as snow begins to melt the BRO clears the road. See this Official webiste of Leh which displays the current situation of roads . It also gives useful information like current Taxi rates and the dates for ongoing festivals, Places of interest.   
Now there are some catch point in both of this things. 

  • Flight is certainly the fastest option and the costliest one too. If your are bent on this one see some websites like or to see the monthly air fare. One in a week the fare goes down something like 40-50 %. 
  • If time is your constraint do go with it. 
  • One serious medical condition that arises in Ladakh by taking a Plane is that you are prone to Altitude Sickness.  To explain simply Ladakh is at a very high altitude with average around 3505 mts. When you ascend from sea level to such heights the oxygen in the air drops and your body needs to get used to such atmosphere. The severity of it depends from people to people. It is most strictly advised to rest one day if you arrive by plane. Some get attuned after a good night sleep while some are whisked to hospital and given oxygen. There is also medication available called Diamox over the counter in India to reduce the risk of altitude sickness. Consult your physician before taking it. 
As I mentioned before the effect of Altitude sickness differs from people. I had seen some youngsters who were given oxygen cause they walked too much while some small children were totally fine running all over the place. Also no matter how much of a Macho man you are there will be experience of breathlessness and your stamina will reduce a bit. There is nothing to be ashamed of cause it's bound to happen. If you are felling seriously unwell then contact some doctors they will help you. Don't ignore it or else then the only solution left is to take you to a lower altitude to stabalise you which means getting you out of Ladakh. 


  • Roadway is more safer with respect to altitude sickness. Because it take two days to reach Leh via road and there is a night sleepover at a place where altitude is around 2000 mts. This will speed up acclimatization process. Tip : If you watched documentaries on Journey to Mt Everest, acclimatization is an important factor for surviving the Journey. 
  • Roadways can be cheaper compared to flight if you take state transport bus or your own vehicle. If you book a Taxi the charges rise drastically.
  • These are unsafe wrt to frequent Landslides, Terrorist and accident perspective. 
  • Only open when going in summer season.      

Now there are two main Highway that connect Leh. This routes are open

  1. Srinagar-Leh : This takes two days to reach Leh with a nighover at Kargil . You can either take a taxi, jeep , your own car or the Public transport bus. To book a Public transport bus go to the Bus station opposite the Main Taxi stand in srinagar. No online option available for this. The fare as of 2012 was 970 rs per person. This bus are old ST bus . See following post to see more info about it.  
  2. Manali - Leh : This route can be covered in 18 hours straight journey. There will be some stops for stretching legs during eating time. This also costs around 980 rs per person. Same type of old ST bus. There are also some bus which stop during night making this a 2 day journey. See following post for more info. 

To plan your own trip or Go with Travel agency ?

This is a series of Travel log from my Journey to Kashmir and Ladakh region. 

We started our trip from Mumbai and went to Leh , Ladakh via Amritsar- Jammu-Srinagar- Kargil and returned via Manali-Delhi route.

So before planning anything for the trip you should ask yourself some questions like what is your budget, what is it that you want to see (ie. Religious or adventurous or breath taking beautiful sites ) , total days for trip.

In this post I will just point out the very first question of whether you should Plan you own trip or not. .

So first question you can ask is do I need to plan my own trip ? or can I just book a trip with travel agency ?
Well it depends on your conditions totally.

  1. If you have a full time job and hardly have time for planning a trip then go with the travel agency.  However I suggest you atleast read this post and some other blogs for some background imformation. 
  2. If you are travelling with family travel agency is a good option. But do read the blogs and get and estimated idea of the cost of trip so that you do not get ripped by travel agencies. 
  3. If you are travelling with friends have time to do some research in your trip do go with your own plan. 
  4. If you are low on budget you should plan your own trip as you can do the same trip that the travel agency provide with 1/10 th of the cost. However do not expect to stay in 5 star hotels and travel in A/C cars in this budget. 
Advantages of planning your trip yourself. 
  • I prefer planning my own trip. One Important reason why is that when you plan things yourself you get to choose what you want to do and leave what you don't want. The travel agency don't know what you like and what not, they just give you the standard package. 
  • Travel agency will only take you to the places which are profitable to them. 
  • When you plan your own travel you get to know things about places, culture. This way you really enjoy your trip and learn a lot about the places when you travel. It's like when in school you understood the lecture better if you have studied beforehand. 
  • And as I mentioned before it is way - way cheaper.  

Advantages of going with Travel Agency 
  • You don't have to bother about anything just pay and relax. 
  • You have someone to blame to if things go wrong. Also if there is some problem they can provide help really fast and are reliable. 

So that will let you decide the very first question of whether you should Plan you own trip or not. 
In the following post I will post the overview of my trip to Kashmir- Ladakh. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Xubuntu Rocks !!

I decided to post on the happening things in the Open Source world. Now the most important thing that happened this week was the release of the 12.04 version of Ubuntu based OS(variants) for this year. Also this release is a LTS version, which means that it will be supported for a long time. Though doesn't matter kind of since I always upgrade when new versions are released each 6 months.

Now I have stuck with Ubuntu for a long time. Have been using Ubuntu since 2008. I must say it was the best OS even back then. Looking at today the Ubuntu environment is undergoing a revolution nowadays. The GUI , functionality and the system are trying to meet the need for a wide range of people and a Wide range of Devices. But in that mist I felt a bit lost and faced somewhat problem with Ubuntu.

Now there's where the Awesome different flavors of Ubuntu come to the rescue. Since a single OS can keep up with the different need of Technology and people, we have different Ubuntu flavors which offer different experience. To just list out this are the few popular Ubuntu variants :

  1. Edubuntu, a GNOME-based subproject and add-on for Ubuntu, designed for school environments and home users.
  2. Kubuntu, a desktop distribution using the KDE Plasma Workspaces desktop environment.
  3. Lubuntu, a lightweight distribution using the LXDE desktop environment.
  4. Mythbuntu, designed for creating a home theater PC with MythTV and uses the Xfce desktop environment.
  5. Ubuntu Studio, a distribution made for professional video and audio editing, comes with higher-end free editing software and is a DVD .iso image unlike the Live CD the other Ubuntu distributions use.
  6. Xubuntu, a distribution based on the Xfce desktop environment, designed to  run more efficiently on low-specification computers.

Now today I Decided to migrate to Xubuntu because of the problems and discomfort I have been facing with Unity. 

This is the somewhat fresh Install of Xubuntu in my Netbook. 

Now Xubuntu is quite Beautifully designed. It has awesome customization possible with just some simple click and drag. Also the Best part is the performance feature . Xubuntu performance is awesome compared to Ubuntu. The boot time is breathtakingly fast.  The battery is also on par with performance very good. 

Now i did some customization for my own comfort as you can see below. 

Kind of looks like a hybrid between Windows and Linux doesn't it ...

Hope you will enjoy using Xubuntu and various other flavors of Ubuntu. Using Ubuntu is a great experience I tell you and just like we all like different flavors of Ice Cream, We all have different taste for OS also.

PS : You can try all Ubuntu free of cost and without installing first by using a live CD/USB.